måndag 8 september 2008

Lite av varje....


Stora Bocken Bruse.
Två av bockarna Bruse.

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Hjärtat Mitt sa...


Kram Mari i Marieholm

Titania sa...

Your ceramic art is unique and I love it.

karrekarra sa...

Jättefina trädgårdsdekorationer!

sol y sombra creations sa...

Very pretty....

Kanak Hagjer sa...

You've got such a fascinating collection of unique objects in your garden...pleasure to be here. the dragon is really cute!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments. I'll be back soon. Cheers!!

Petra sa...

jag är helt paff (tyskt ord)
Så härliga keramikalster du gör!!!
Ha en fortsatt kreativ dag,

Ninni sa...

Mmm vilka fina saker! Gillar verkligen din kungaspira och humlelöven...Vad duktig du är!
Kram Ninni

My Mother's Garden sa...

Hi Linda~
Please tell me again how to find the translator? Your new blog colors look great!
Enjoy today!

My Mother's Garden sa...

Hi Linda~
I love the way your blog looks! So bright and clean. I had a nice holiday.
600 kg of cly- Yay! I am going to buy a big batch of clay and glaze on Friday. I look forward to seeing your new creations.

Cheryl sa...

Hi Linda
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
I love your ceramic creations, my favorite is the dragon snoozing on the bird bath.
My garden is mostly past now, but I love to scatter whimsical objects throughout it. Your creations are quite lovely.

DP Nguyen sa...

I have no idea what your blog says, lol, but the artwork is very beautiful.

West Coast Island Gardener sa...

Hi Linda,

Your sculptures are wonderful, evoking garden enchantments.

I am delighted to discover you
through the wonder of the web. I came here by way of "my mother's grden" whom I just discovered,too.

It has been a delight.

cheers from Canada

Hanneles paradis sa...

Läckra bockar.